Senior´s 2016

My experience here has been very special, and even though there have been difficult times, I wouldn’t change them for anything. I feel very proud and privileged of graduating in a school that fosters Christian values and excellent principles.

Valeria Aguilar


In the present day, I find myself as an eleventh grader, at the verge of graduating; I still have a foot on school and the other one already stepping on the next stage, college, only spread apart by some months of distance. I already know that I will be a unique experience which will signify another important part in my life, as it will happen to different students other than me; but if I am truly sure about something, it is that I will always be proud, no matter where I go, of studying at Trinity Christian School.

When I entered Trinity Christian School, I was only a little girl of about three-years-old. Of course, I attended the nursery grade, and I had the privilege of spending a great part of my childhood in the first building of the school, located on Villa Fontana. I remember how I enjoyed learning new things each day, and having fun while I did; how fun recess were and how excited I was for every Friday to come so I could participate in AWANA. I really couldn’t wait for the brief Bible championships that Mrs. Lorena did when I was small! How wonderful those days were! And what a beautiful experience to watch how the school has flourished until the present day! When I was on my third grade of elementary school, we were already moving to the new school building in Santo Domingo. It was a new experience, very curious and entertaining. My classmates and I explored every corner of the new school area. One thing is for sure; Trinity was never a huge school, neither a crowded one, but this was not more than an advantage. Trinity Christian School was always characterized by its genuine familiar atmosphere, which is scarce in most of the Nicaraguan schools. It is quite an occurrence to be able to sit down at a school Kermesse and watch the children play and run from here to there, and the different families enjoying each one of the activities or attractions provided for the occasion; being able to visit the school location just to be welcomed by kind and familiar faces. And this, does not only happen at the Kermesse, but also in the rest of our activities, such as the unique Annual Bible Fair, the Family Day, the Missions Day, the talent Show, and more!

Education in Trinity Christian School is excellent and qualified; the teachers keep a very meticulous system of communication with the students, which helps that none of them get left behind through the lessons. They are willing to help any student that needs it. Likewise, the students are friendly and are willing to welcome new ones. I consider an essential and splendid fact that all of this is given under a Christian ambiance; and I believe that this is the most crucial aspect: that our parents know that we will remain in the path of the Lord in our day by day. I will always be fully thankful for every single thing I have learned in my beloved school about Christian life. Trinity guides the students in the narrow path that leads to the Father. I believe that the bare name of the school symbolizes what it really is about. Trinity Christian School, the school with the small fish emblem.

So if you happen to see a small, yellow fish in a scholar emblem, that’s us!

Claudia Barquero

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