It was January 19, 2002. Back then, during a lunch with fellow believers, we were discussing the need for God in the lives of Nicaraguan families. The Lord placed in the heart of Mrs. Regina Cordua, a longing to develop an educational project for all those children of Christian families who did not have a Christian school that met their spiritual needs and because of it they were being educated in secular schools. Back in that time Mrs. Regina Cordua had a Master degree on Education and 18 years of teaching experience, both inside and outside Nicaragua.

The following month (February of the same year), the Ministry of Education issued the Ministerial Resolution license for the school in order to start function in a timely manner, and that is how Mrs. Regina Cordua, becomes the founder of this Christian school.

We spent about a year to organize the opening of school, but it became known to us that the Lord was opening doors and providing the resources, facilities, teachers and students.

On January 6, 2003, the school opened with 14 students. A year later after its official beginning, the school year started off to a new start with 77 students experiencing a growth rate of over 500% in just 12 months. In February 2007 we began a new stage featuring freshman year and in 2012 we had our first high school graduation.

Between the periods of 2012 to 2016, TCS has grown in infrastructure, faculty and administrative human capital making it possible to stride for a Christian-based education and its further development, so that students we receive are integrally formed to be men and women with a purpose driven life, having God as their Lord and Savior.

Trinity was born to honor God, serve the people and be a beacon of light in our capital city.